Democratizing Access to Technology and Markets
Plutonic Capital Management Barbados Ltd

High-Performance Infrastructure and High Impact Philanthropy

Sustainable Humanitarian Capacity Building Initiatives

The Vision

The Vision is to enable enduring achievement of sustainable economic development across selected under-developed countries. Our initial focus is on the countries represented in the CARICOM nation community. Specific project goals include development and expansion of technology innovation, capital infrastructure improvements, and investment in the development of the educational intellectual capital base.

The Mission

Democratizing access to technology and markets─PCM’s mission to democratize the use and availability of intellectual capital, high performance computing, and technology with sustainability and human wellbeing at its center. We believe in building a company that is a steward of the community working with various public private and NGO partnerships while also focusing on sustainability and economic development.


The Values for PCM Barbados are grounded in servant leadership aimed at the common good and creating and harvesting value for all stakeholders; these values embrace both commitment to inclusive and innovation-driven sustainable development exemplified by our commitment to The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact Statement

PCM Barbados’ strategic plan to build an advanced technology innovation data communication system to transform the Caribbean and unite the 4 corners of the Atlantic―Leapfrogging strategy foster healthy innovation ecosystems to increase nations’ global competitiveness and wellbeing.

  • PCM’s Capacity Building Initiatives:
    • Extreme-Advance Computing.
    • Infrastructure (i.e., communications, power, and water).
    • Strategic partnerships in tech, infrastructure, Social Impact Investments ─ determinants for sustained social and economic growth. Targeted social investments include humanitarianism, ecological, socioeconomic, and education.

Investment Approach

PCM’s investment approach differs from conventual Return on Investment (ROI) outcomes. PCM approach is more so a growth sustainability business, coupled with social impact investments and some collective impact. In collaboration with strategic partners identify strategic, long-term investments through industry and government partnerships and develop projects utilizing Impact Measurement and Management.

Who We Are

Meet the Team

Dr. Franco M. G. Derin

Director, Knight of Malta Diplomatic Officer, Order of Saint John (O.S.J.)

Committed to Humanitarian, economic, and social impact, one of the world’s leading philanthropic investors focused on international development, and a Director on PCM’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Derin is an Economist who was born in Milan, Italy. He completed his Doctorate in Economics & International Trade from the Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano-Italy, European Union 1998.  He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the BOCCONI University Master School in Italy, which he completed in 2001.  Dr. Derin has held many important positions throughout his career.  He was a member of Vic Asset Management (Ltda) Bank Group Brasil and Vic Management Comercio Importacao & Exportacao Ltda Brasil, and Denmark International Holdings Ltd Hong Kong.  Additionally, he is a director and shareholder of Tonini Group Ltd, UK; K’Star Global Investment d.o.o., in Serbia; K’Star Global Investment Ltd, in Hong Kong; and was also of Archangel Holdings Inc., Canada.  Dr. Derin has received several accolades, including the lifetime award “World Eminent Man of Global Banking and Human Rights” from the Who is Who International Organization supported also from Ministry Of Economic Development of Greece-European Union (Athens, Greece, September 2023).

 In 2020, Dr. Derin was appointed Vice President and economist of the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (IOED), alias Organisation Internationale Du Development economique (OIDE) (Paris, 2020 – 2023), an intergovernmental organization of public law recognized by the UNITED NATIONS (Art.47 & 63 Conv. 21/11/1947 Res. 179).

Dr. Derin currently holds several important positions, including Security Agent Europolice Federation (Slovakia, since 2016); Financial Planning Director, Grand Regal Hotel (Doha, 2017-2020), Trustee International Development Director, United States Capital Private Bank Express Trust Organization (UAE, 2017-2018), Securities and Trading International Development Officer, HAB JPR PRIVEE Multi Cooperative Consortium Fund (London, since 2016) , and Honourable Judge International Development Security Officer, linked by International Court of Justice International Criminal Court Universal Trust Rating Certification (since 2015).  He was also the Director of Operations at VIC Management Holding LTD from 2018 to 2023.  Dr. Derin’s financially skilled leadership and targeted philanthropic investment over 2015-2024 have substantially advanced sustainable, inclusive, and innovation-driven international development in developing nations within Asia, Africa, and Latin America

Leighton Richardson, MBA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Leighton H. Richardson, MBA, CPA is the founder and Managing Partner in LHR & Associates, LLC an accounting and consulting firm. Mr. Richardson has over 35 years of experience in the accounting, banking, and the finance industry. Mr. Richardson received a BA from Syracuse University in Economics and Philosophy. He is also a Certified Public Accountant and holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts in Boston concentrating on Accounting and Finance. Mr. Richardson’s social interests include writing poetry, ancient history and playing tennis.

Leighton Richardson

Dennis McIntosh

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Mr. McIntosh has over 35 years in IT and financial, sales and capitalization consulting, and has also led an IT consulting startup. Mr. McIntosh attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where he received a BA in Economics. Mr. McIntosh also has an MBA, and a Master of Management in personal finance, both from the University of Dallas in Texas. Mr. McIntosh enjoys time with his family and friends, reading and meeting new people.

John Juachon

Deputy Operations Officer

Mr. John Juachon serves as a member of the Board of Directors. He served thirty-five years with the U.S. Army in various capacities as a commanding officer and in strategic assignments. He is a recipient of the Legion of Merit Medal and many other awards and citations throughout his stellar military career. John Juachon holds a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and Business from the California State University, East Bay, Hayward, California, U.S.A.

Michael Mahoney

Director, Stakeholder Relationship Management

Michael Mahoney has spent thirty years in leadership positions in marketing (especially information technology) and social, innovator, customer, and stakeholder relationship management. He has worked within healthcare, travel and tourism, financial, manufacturing, and government sectors, and many other industries that require data / digital marketing management consulting solutions, including social media, artificial intelligence, and stakeholder-experience design. Michael is a data pioneer. He has provided data consulting, data integration, and data analytics. Michael is passionate about building strong relationships and assisting stakeholders with discovering the wealth inside their databases. Among his pro bono commitments is counter human trafficking including the recovery of traumatized and addicted victims. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from the University of Nebraska, Omaha and is a proud father to his two children in college. He wanted to be a marine biologist, so his hobbies include learning about ocean technologies. He has a passion for gardening, history, and American football.

Frederick Arlington Forde, GCM, BSBA, MA

Advisory Board, Barbados Futures, Social Partnership, Sport, and Legal Compliance

Trained initially as a primary school teacher (and forever expert in human development), Frederick Forde is a dual Barbados and US citizen who served for 41 years in the Bajan civil service. He was guided on his road from junior positions to the most senior civil service positions throughout by the ideas and approaches of the great futurist thinker, Joel Barker. Barker’s work on paradigms as obstacles to be overcome when obsolete and to embraced when transformational underpinned Forde’s excellence in execution, innovation, management, and leadership in roles such as audit, financial, and customs officer with experience across multiple ministries. As a change agent, Mr. Forde served as a pioneer in digital transition, human-development transformation, organizational reform and development, and the reimagination of training and professional development. Deputy Auditor General (and several times Acting Auditor General) during 1992-98, he reached the top the top level of public service in April 1998 as Chief Personnel Officer (CPO), responsible for initiating implementation of Performance Review and Development System under direction of The Head of the Civil Service. Mr. Forde served from 2002 in the Office of Permanent Secretary until voluntary retirement in 2009. During Barbados’ Independence Celebrations in 2016, Mr. Forde received the honor of the Order of Barbados, Gold Crown of Merit, for his significant and outstanding contribution to the public service. He is currently a member of the Employment Rights Tribunal and active with signal social impact in private associations ranging from scholarship, through cricket, to public health. A member of the Social Partnership while in service, he is a longstanding and present member of the National Union of Public Workers, dedicated to sustaining excellent relations with trade unions. A loving husband, proud father of two, and ecstatic grandfather, lives a life dedicated to service connecting the Barbados heritage, at home and in the diaspora, with the newly born and not yet born generations.

Kerry Alleyne

Advisory Board, Small Business, Risk Management, Sport, and Social Partnership (Employers)

Kerry Alleyne is key adviser on doing business in Barbados, especially from the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises. Through hard work and dedication to his professional craft in the Insurance Industry for the past twenty-three years, Kerry has excelled in his ever-expanding business responsibilities, including the roles of claims officer, claims supervisor, broker, and branch manager. For the past fifteen years, he has served at the helm as owner and managing director of a family-owned and operated insurance brokerage firm. Due to strong interpersonal and leadership skills, the company exceeded expectations with exponential growth resulting in renown for excellent customer service. After earning an Associate Degree in Business Studies from Barbados Community College, where he was also President of the Students Guild, Kerry moved on to the University of the West Indies Cave Hill, where he secured a degree with honors in Bachelor of Science Management. Shortly after entering the insurance industry, Alleyne completed the Barbados Diploma in Insurance the Insurance Institute of Barbados. Quality time with his children and family is paramount to him. They, their future, and the coming Bajan generations in a flourishing cultural and natural environment are his world. Basketball is his favorite sport, winning several championships from school to club level; he has represented Barbados in pistol shooting regionally.

Barry Jackson

Advisory Board, Financial and Accounting Operations, Bajan Diaspora, Sport, Business Process Transformation

Originally from Barbados, Barry Jackson is a resolute and analytical accounting professional with over two decades of experience in several areas of accounting and chief financial officer services. His expertise includes preparing financial statements, tax planning, and tax resolution. Barry leads a team that helps businesses with monitoring daily transactions, developing annual budgets, financial reporting, and financial management for small to medium-sized businesses. Barry is versatile and resourceful, and quickly adapts to new business models, roles, responsibilities, and environments. He combines knowledge and skills relevant to the human and technology sides of national and business transformation, including a strong combination of software knowledge with proven leadership and interpersonal skills. His high performance extends from expert financial management to sport. He is nine times national judo champion of Barbados and an Athens 2004 Judo Olympian. Barry is also an accomplished cricketer, the President of Melbourne SCC, and the Treasurer of the Mass State Cricket League. He earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of the West Indies Barbados Cave Hill Campus and his MBA with an Accounting Concentration at the Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University in New York City.


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    We recognise that in order for Barbados to weather the current turbulent global storms, and prepare to overcome the challenges to come, we must truly do as our national anthe so gloriously insists: become true craftsmen and craftswomen of our fate. That means becoming market shapers instead of takers, to ensure that we find that transformative economic prosperity that is both inclusive and sustainable. It means finding innovative ways to tackle the big challenges, and transform them into opportunities. It means creating the best version of Barbados for all citizens.

    The Honorable Mia Amor Mottley Prime Minister of Barbados
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